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Biden: should he stop running to be the Democratic nominee, or not?

Do you believe President Biden should step down and let a younger person run for president to avoid Trump's return?

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Organist1 8 Sep 6

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There will be so much Trump fatigue by the next election, it will drive people to vote. People are getting tired of Trump now including many Rebublicans who just may not vote for the Presidency, which will be good. I also believe the young people will vote because they don't like these abortion laws and the Republicans refusal to admit global warming exsists and is a real problem.


If there was a truly viable candidate . . .
and there just isn't. That said I didn't think Biden was going to be much of a president but his record has been extremely impressive, even given what he had to start with. Biden is certainly flawed but every person but one voted to invade a sovereign on a lie cooked up by Cheney, can't really fault him for that.
The age thing is an issue and applies equally to trump. The difference is when you hear each one speak and the words they form - hahahahaha no comparison, imho, trump's horrible.
Yeah, none of our president's have been perfect. But to make democracy work we need viable parties to participate and right now there is only one interested in a democratic republic.


The mere fact that this question gets asked about Biden, but not Trump, introduces prejudice into the question.

No prejudice. Although the two are just a few years apart, Trump seems to be much fitter than Biden, physically but also often enough mentally.

They are both way too old to be running a country. For many reasons there should be an age cap for sitting politicians.

@Thibaud70 Trump fitter than Biden? I can see where you get your misinformation.

@Thibaud70, @Tejas ordinarily we would not choose a person of Biden's age to be president, but we would have voted for anyone who could stop the MAGA wrecking ball. Biden has demonstrated himself to be an extraordinarily effective president, particularly in the situation where so many traitors are infecting the legislative branch.

@BitFlipper There is literally no way in which Trump is more fit than Biden, but that bit about Trump being more physically fit is fucking hysterical. What planet do these idiots live on?


Where are Bernie’s supporters?

I’m a progressive, but Bernie has never backed progressives for Congress so IMO he’s useless.

We are here. But he is too old now and has given up the fight more than once against corporate and corrupt dems.

@Tejas 1. Too old now? 2. Given up a fight he never fought?
3. Only dems are corrupt?

@yvilletom 1. If he was elected now he would be the oldest elected president in history, we just did that with Trump and biden both setting the record. 2. Bernie ran twice for president, one losing to Hillary in the primary. Then again losing to biden in the primary. In both cases he backed out and nominated both of them, when in my opinion he should have doubled down since he had the better policies and the moral high ground. 3. Dems are definitely not the only ones who are corrupt but people on this site like to think dems can do no wrong, which is objectively false.


I think that the whole idea that he would step down is seriously flawed. He is not going to do it, and that is that. Also, whether or not a democrat or republican gets elected, we still end up with a war criminal either way. Voting for either party is giving a blank check to the war hawks, and people who do it are just as responsible for the carnage that follows as the war criminals themselves. Call me radical if you like, but I am proud to say, I will not vote for either of these lying bastards.


Game theory says no, he beat Trump before and I don't think Trump has gained popularity since. And it's not like there's a Dem party apparatchik who is wildly popular to run in his stead.

Yes, but apparently it's the age factor that's turning people (not me) off. Biden's 4 years older now.

I suspect it's a vocal minority. If anybody would vote for Trump, a mere three years younger, over Biden, only to gain 3 years, I worry about their connection to reality. Biden is at least a known quantity, and even a younger Democrat would be more of an unknown than Harris, if she were thrust into the presidency because of Biden's age-related issues. It would take some super dynamic young Democrat like Obama to make me reconsider, but the Obamas don't come along often.

@skado There's nothing about this country that bears much connection to reality, IMO. Many polls are now saying Trump's ahead. What TF is wrong with people? Or are the pollsters wrong?

@Organist1 I think when it comes to a choice, people will hold their nose and vote for Biden to keep Trump out. it's a dismal situation though.

It is hard to understand why so many people like Trump. He is ahead of all the other Republicans but he is less than a single point ahead of Biden in current polling. And it is still early.
I don’t think he can win. We already had that contest, and Trump lost to Biden by a comfortable margin. Running a campaign from prison isn’t going to be easy.

Biden's record should make it easier for people to vote for him this time. No nose holding for me, then again, I have a much firmer grasp on reality than anyone who would vote for Trump or think it's a difficult decision between those two.

@skado I'm sure it's not the only reason, but getting to see someone in power say and do the racist shit they've always dreamed they could say and do is pretty alluring.


Yes! I think that’s a big piece of it.

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