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Your opportunity to weigh in on this.

Proper position?

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mcgeo52 8 Oct 9

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Neither, why the fuck would a giraffe want to wear a bow tie, or worse why would anyone want to put a bow tie on giraffe, especially a sky blue one?


Not sure how to vote on this, it's neck and neck!


Silly and irrelevant.


Literally nobody wears a tie above their adam’s apple.

skado Level 9 Oct 10, 2023

And you believe a giraffe has an Adam's apple why?

The point is that, on a human, the adam’s apple is about midway the neck. Nobody wears a tie above midway the neck. Humans with longer than average necks don’t wear their ties any higher. The collar of a shirt rests right on the collar bone, at the base of the neck. Giraffes just have such long necks that the tie isn’t going to end up right under their chin like it would on us short-necked humans. Shirt collars don’t sleeve the neck up to the jawbone, at least these days. Back when collars were worn fully extended instead of folded down like we do now, the tie was still worn at the base of the neck.

@skado how about we put it at the top of their top neck vertebrae which would be our collarbone.

That's not where our collarbone is.

But feel free to dress your giraffe however you like! 🤣

@skado ty ty


Totally anti-bow-tie but if it had a shirt on it would be at the top of it's collar

lerlo Level 8 Oct 10, 2023

We don't wear our ties at the top of our necks...

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