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For 2 countries who have no recognition of the Hague's ICC USA & Israel & their respective "elected" leaders are hell bent on ensuring that arrest warrants are not issued against Israeli genocidal psychopaths.

Netanyahu & Israel threaten to steal Palestinian taxation monies collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, in order to cause it being unable to function, if arrest warrants are issued by the ICC -
"Israel tells U.S. it will punish Palestinian Authority if ICC issues warrants"
"The Israeli government warned the Biden administration that if the International Criminal Court issues arrest warrants against Israeli leaders, it will take retaliatory steps against the Palestinian Authority that could lead to its collapse, two Israeli and U.S. officials said."

"Why it matters: Israeli officials have grown increasingly concerned over the last two weeks that the International Criminal Court (ICC) is preparing to issue arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and Israel Defense Forces chief of staff Herzi Halevi."


What do you call this behaviour?

What do you call the Jewish current threat against the Palestinian Authority?

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FrayedBear 9 May 3

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While most of the choices above are acceptable, I'll argue the underlining term missing is--escape. A threat to achieve avoiding ICC and ICJ investigations into genocidal actions and prosecutions. Quite frankly, there isn't any longer a need for a Palestinian Authority now. There isn't anything left for them to govern over now. Basically, there isn't a Palestine left either. Expulsion has been basically completed to a state of a mega tent city of nomads. The only matter left for the completion of the genocide now is to kill the rest of the fish in the lone barrel they've been forced into. Another threat that's been waiting to be engaged with.

A recent RT article mentioned it would take approximately 14 years to clear and flatten the rubble in Gaza. In which if any Palestinians will be fortunate to be left alive, that debris will likely be used to develop the next wall for their last open air prison. Or to cover their bones or remaining rotted corpses from the famine after their deaths. Maybe some of the Egyptian civilians will have mercy on them and throw them scraps in the meantime as that process works out.

I've recently read that whilst you Americans were watching your Saturday afternoon sport & grog the full force of the Jewish military forces was unleashed on S. Gaza carpet bombing it from the air with air force bombings and artillery shells. They don't want any palestinians left alive who can then claim the return of their ancestral land stolen by the Jews.


My added poll option: Justified.

Tejas Level 8 May 3, 2024

Please do elaborate as to why you think it justified.

BTW have you listened to this Jewish Professor's account of Gaza & October 7?

@FrayedBear why do I care about a man's opinion?

@Tejas not opinion but fact. Just foff & go smoke your dope. IMO you're a waste of space & an oxygen thief.

@FrayedBear don't repeat things to me that you're father told you.


Colonial. Fascist Master Race BS.
Many countries haven't signed. But if a major war happens and anything is left, a new court will be formed.

puff Level 8 May 3, 2024

The yanks were very quick after WWII to start hanging German genocidal Nazis weren't they?

@FrayedBear More the Russians wanted to teach them to tap dance. Yanks were keen to whisk them away to do spooky stuff. What was it, operation paperclip or some shit? Canadians recently applauded one, standing ovation, in their parliament.

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