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I've identified a unifier for Americans. Just one man. Someone who can unite all sexes, races and those who love that country. Someone all Americans can happily get behind.......get behind in order to push into a deep dark hole, never to be seen again.
His name is Ray Epps.

There is video evidence on both the 5th and 6th in Washington of him encouraging and inciting the crowd, directing those around him to not only march on the Capitol but that they must enter the Capitol, to go "into" it.

Democrats: You think this man is traitorous, encouraging a mob to desecrate not only the Capitol building but democracy itself. He is scum and deserves no pity.

Republicans: This man was there to cause trouble and was no true supporter or representative of the people there that day. He encouraged others, agitating the crowd to invade the Capitol building which is an affront to our Constitution and he should face full consequences under law. Cannot defend his actions.

Independant's: An ugly day, he was exciting things. He should go down if anyone does.

So, is Ray Epps someone everyone can get behind in order to push him into the abyss?

Would you get behind Ray Epps?

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puff 8 Sep 21

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If he's suing FoxNews and Fucker Carlson for defamation? Damn right I'll get behind him.

On the 5th he was screaming "tomorrow, we have to go into the Capitol building, not just go there, IN the building" No one condoned with what he was doing, no-one will cry when he's locked up.


He can get his election start-up money from his Faux Gnus defamation case


Ray Epps, the Trump supporter who was swept up in one of the most persistent right-wing conspiracy theories connected to the events of Jan. 6, 2021, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to a single misdemeanor charge for his role in the attack on the Capitol.

The 20-minute plea hearing, conducted by video in Federal District Court in Washington, came one day after the Justice Department charged Mr. Epps with disrupting the orderly conduct of government business by entering a restricted area on the Capitol grounds on Jan. 6.

Prosecutors said at the hearing that aside from breaching the barricades outside the Capitol, Mr. Epps placed his hands on a giant Trump sign that the mob used as a battering ram against the police.

Mr. Epps will face a maximum of one year in prison when he is sentenced in December.

Mr. Epps, a former Marine and wedding venue owner who voted twice for Donald J. Trump, became the unlikely focus of a conspiracy theory promoted on Fox News and by right-wing commentators. It held that he had been a covert government asset who helped instigate the riot as a way of discrediting Trump supporters.

Seems to me, that he got off pretty lightly for what he did.. You can bet your ass that if a protester who was involved in any kind of left wing or liberal protests had done the same acts, they would get a harsher sentence, and also been charged more severely.

The thing is, Trump supporters hate him too.

@puff Interesting..


Who is Ray Epps?

He is an arsehole caught on video encouraging all around him to storm the Capitol building. He should have been first to be locked up.


I honestly hadn't heard of him.

Called media bias, there is video that shows him inciting others to storm the Capitol building.


Dude, there are a lot of Republicans that don't think the insurrectionists did anything wrong. My uncle, and many others, don't even think there was an insurrection. Many of them want pardons for those traitors. Why would those people have a problem with Epps? We're not dealing with rational or intelligent people.

No one likes Epps, that's my point

@puff I don't think we're saying the same thing. I don't see why they'd all hate him. At any rate, I'm happy to see as much infighting and life-ruining as possible for all of those traitorous assholes; I think they should all be serving life sentences.

@ChestRockfield They do all hate him, even those who were 100% behind what he was doing hate him for being so visual and getting away with being not charged for so long. Jan 6th committee were not interested in him even with that widely available video evidence. Everybody smelled a rat.
If you can find someone who supports him, they have not seen the video.

@puff There are people who still don't think what they did was wrong. A woman at her sentencing even said she did the right thing on the 6th. People like that probably still praise him, video or not.

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