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Does the UN need reforming?
The UN needs reforming is the call from Africa and I totally agree. The power of veto has to go.
This became very clear to me with the 51 missiles which were sent into Syria by the UK, France and the US after an alleged gas attack on civilians by the Assad regime. This was later proved inaccurate, a false flag courtesy of the "White helmets" (remember those heroes Hollywood fawned over?). This was an attack on a sovereign country, a country no-one was at war with. An attack without UN or any other official coalition like the Arab leagues or NATO's approval and blessing. No hard evidence or even investigation to verify it actually happened as first reported waited for. Instead a one off, illegal attack on Syria against international law.
Who could Syria complain to? The UN security council deals with this sort of stuff. But when 3 of the 5 permanent members of the security council, those with the power of veto, are the ones who broke the law.............what can you do? None of the 5 are innocent of abusing that power for self interest. The rest of us think it's unfair and it is.
Funding the UN should be shared. They get too much anyway and money can be weaponised by those who control the flow of it. Not can be, is controlled.
So I agree with Africa and reform the UN. Here's an idea, re-site the UN headquarters in Jerusalem and make it an international territory. God bothers can live in their Holy land but none can control it.

Does the UN need reforming?

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puff 8 Oct 29

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Reformed or eliminated?


Yes, democratic reform would appear to be the only hope beyond a benevolent dictator.

The U.N. needs to be discontinued. For 46 years, beginning in 1948, the U.N., steered by the likes of Britain, U.S.A., France, Canada, and Israel, supported the racist White Apartheid-Nazi government of South Africa because the Anglo-American mining company was fleecing all of Africa south of the equator of gold and diamonds and uranium and chrome and other minerals.; and because Israel, with the assistance of the racist White Apartheid-Nazi South African Government was making its atomic bomb. Yes, Israel is an APARTHEID-NAZI nation. The U.S.A. for many years refused to pay its U.N. annual dues, and nobody could make them pay up. The U.S.A. pays the dues of many smaller nations so that those nations vote for anything the U.S.A. wants at the U.N. The U N.. should be discontinued because it is a bigfat Anglo-American lie most of the time, and an evil organization the rest of the time.


Unfortunately when you have to cater to a large number of different cultures you will not find any sort of consensus. The usual problem even with the UN is a lack of funding. Many countries are behind in their membership payments which includes (for a time -djt wanted to leave this organization) the U.S.


There is a lot to be said for reform on both sides of the divide. Note they voted Saudi onto the UN Commission on the Status of Women! Now I am not saying that their resolutions against Israel are wrong but where are all the others? eg. How many resolutions against Morrocco? In case you do not know, Morrocco has annexed South Morrocco and has occupied the land for decades. Meanwhile, the S. Moroccans have been exiled to Algeria and live in camps similar to Palestinians but there is no great outcry and they are a forgotten people. This pattern is repeated throughout the UN If there were not so many disproportionate votes against Israel compared to Saudi -Yemen, China - Tibet/Uyghur etc. and so many other countries re-LGBTQ+ oppression, then accusations of antisemitism by zionists would not have any valid basis.

LGBTQA++++ oppression is western wank, not UN business. 20 years ago Thailand could have accused the Western societies of being arseholes too, and their society is still even now more forgiving for alternate lifestyles. But we didn't see them using the UN to spread their ideology around the world.
And that is the problem with the UN as it is. If a situation does not interest one of the five veto holders, the UN does not care. (Tell Morocco to find some oil and help will be on the way)

@puff Just because oppression is not one you identify with does not mean it is not oppression.
That said, the Un consists of 2 parts. The General Assembly that has all of the countries and the Security Council that has all of the big bombs.
The General Assembly has a large number of Muslim countries that vote accordingly and the Security Council stops the UN from acting upon the vote.

Nb. If you want to gauge how well lots of nations can make a decision, listen to the last ten years of Eurovision song winners.

@273kelvin The big bombs are no longer as big as they were. And they have all abused the power given to them.
Oppression at the UN is what it's major sponsor says it is, that's the problem. There is no consistency.
A major problem has been sanctions. These were always UN driven, but since the US decided to weaponise the worlds currency they controlled aka $USD, they started sanctioning bypassing UN approval. This bullied the UN and the USA has even sanctioned UN personnel they disagree with. This has undermined UN authority and is why change is needed. The UN needs to be secular eg not dominated by a singular ideology.
NB There has been many good decisions, torpedoed because one prick in the UNSC decides to veto. Russia do it, China, France, UK and at this particular moment, the USA. Using veto to override the majorities wishes. This is what sucks and needs change.


The 51 missile attack on Syria by the UK, France, and the US without UN approval or evidence of the alleged gas attack on civilians by the Assad regime highlighted the need for UN reform.

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It's simply been a rubber stamp for US hegemony its entire existence.


That the U.S. can block a vote for a cease fire in Gaza so that humanitarian aide can get through is atrocious. And now the U.S. is complaining that Hamas is not agreeing to letting U.S. citizens leave via the Rafah crossing in South Gaza. Hmmmm.

Looks like Ham ass might now have to pay for what they started. Lots of innocent people will die because of this.

What is atrocious is the Hamas "government" which is no government at all.

@DenoPenno A horror is a horror, an atrocity is an atrocity. We are a sick, violent species, and this cannot be excused. For context of the period, 1920 - 1948 the Zionist terrorist organizations Irgun, Lehti and Haganah were operating against Arab Palestinians, and the British authorities who were the security forces assigned by the League of Nations. The regular promotion of Zionists as innocent victims is not accurate. Arabs and Zionists have committed repulsive act, and I stopped caring about who is at fault here along time ago.

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