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Words No Guy or Gal Wants to Hear.....

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St-Sinner 9 Oct 29

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I'd like to hear "I am pregnant" from a guy I'm with then yay!! We're about to be rich!

You just have to find the right man. This has happened.


"We Have to Talk" is never good.... and I'm Pregnant" is usually preceeded by "We have to talk"


"I am pregnant" depends on whether or not you want to be pregnant


I chose is it in, the best way to tell a guy he's too small and he sucks! Lol!!!

Heartless 🙂

@St-Sinner 😈😂


Where is "Does my bum look big in this?"

A good one. I would add but the poll allows only 8 options. I had a list of at least 15.


The other 3 combined wouldn't cost you a tenth of what "I'm pregnant" is going to cost you.

I made the poll unisex.

@St-Sinner Okay, the other 7 combined wouldn't cost you a tenth of what "I'm pregnant" is going to cost you.


But IMO, it will bring 10 times fun too. I love babies even if unplanned. It's all worth it. That's the only love - selfless love I believe in.

@St-Sinner How is it selfless love??


A parent loves a child without wanting in anything in return, it is a selfless love unlike other transactional relationships such as of husband-wife, man-woman etc. Although you 'll hear about love every time and every day in them, it is about wanting or liking company, lust, gratitude, dependency (financial or emotional), responsibility (like keeping the household to raise children) etc. When it is one directional, the relationship will fall apart. All such relationships are based on two-way expectations or reciprocation.

@St-Sinner Having children is not selfless. It's one of the most selfish things humans do. They want to make little versions of themselves regardless of how damaging it is to the rest of the world and all of its other inhabitants. They can't even ask permission before forcing this thing into existence, but do it anyway because who gives a fuck about anything else, you want those kids and dammit, you're gonna make some!

And parents want lots of things from their children, most notably love and someone to take care of them when they're old and dying.


We have different views on this. To me, all other love is selfish and transactional. I for one do not want anything back from my child except her being happy and healthy and certainly not being around me when I am old and frail. I want her to pursue own happiness with total freedom and I have worked on financial and logistical plans of being old and falling apart.

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