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Just screened Life of Pi in 3d for a devout Catholic co-worker’s family and the daughter's friend.

After the movie the father stated he believed the first story was the true story. His daughter and wife agreed and the daughter’s boyfriend was not sure. I noted I beloved the 2nd story. The YMCA closed in an hour and so I didn’t spend time defending my position.

The first time I screened this move for a group of a half dozen mostly open minded (not heavily tethered to religion) everybody liked the first story version but after discussion all accepted the 2nd story as being more likely factual.

The second time I screened this movie was for a couple of trump loving relatives who drove 560 miles from their farm complex to visit my mother. When asked which version they accepted as what really happened they noted they were just confused and didn’t understand the story.

For those who have read the fictional book or watched the move, which story do you believe reflects more truth?

Which story do you believe reflects more truth? (Pretend this is not a fictional work)

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NoMagicCookie 8 Jan 4

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Given my fervent irreligiousity and opinionatedness, I muchly prefer the consistency of the farrago of preposterous myth exemplified in the animal version's plagiarism.

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