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Informed Consent

Still not 5 years yet since Covid and therefore less than 5 years data on the vax. Normally, Covid vaccines would not have even been approved for public release yet. If the medicine was indicating it worked, trials could have been expanded so all could take if they wished.
But informed consent means that it had to have been made absolutely clear to all who chose to get jabbed that it was a still trial medicine. It had not been proven yet by long term data.
Informed consent.
Instead, mandates were introduced and the jab was pronounced "safe and effective" within months, without any long term data available to make that claim with confidence.

A trial medicine claimed "safe and effective" with no long term data to back that up. This advice was not expert. Nor based with any scientific "confidence".

This poll is one way to gauge what I suspect.


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puff 8 Mar 24

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Do you know the rules for publishing results? And the reason why they can be changed. I beleive they were applied and kept our safety to the maximum in the new circumstances.

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