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Throughout history, students have been at the forefront of radical change. They are the ones who first rise up against authoritarian government. Plenty of examples, perhaps the most well known being Iran's revolution.
The world is being ravaged by fascist aka corporate war at the moment and students are protesting. Government responses to these protesters against crimes against humanity are becoming more harsh and if they truly turn violent against unarmed student protesters...................that's when the general populace unite with students and change occurs.
There is not much to admire about America, the West in general atm but these students world wide protesting give me hope. They will be the drivers of change.

Who believes our future leaders are participating in anti-crimes against humanity protests right now?

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puff 8 May 3

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Theres hould have been a don't know option. It depends, leaders may have very good reasons to calm down students and the like.


I would like to think they have a conscious and are participating to send a message. Unfortunately the volume is likely to need to be turned up to get through to the entrenched powers on all sides. All these military powers are there to insure the wealthy get to hold onto their comfortable status quo. I wish I had a better plan, and I am certain there are better ways to go about this than death and destruction. Some our leaders are either stupid or bought off. I think a good start would be to make every legislator's financial decisions public. Take the money out of the equation and term limits. The system we have now may be the best we can do, gulp!

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