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I hate polling!!
It was at best a little off back in the days before mobile phones, when everyone had a landline, and scam phone calls were less prevalent. But nowadays the only people who answer a poll are those few who have a home or business phone, or online in response to a partisan email or message. And those are only directed at people in that Party. I get two or three a day from the Democratic Party. They are only looking for donations, but the poll is obviously rigged towards getting the answer they want!
I still believe one of the reasons Trump won in 2016 was because the news polls constantly showed Hilary with a fair lead over Trump, giving the Hillary sceptic democrats an excuse not to vote for her in protest. We all saw how that turned out, and both parties learned the lesson. If they can make their voters believe the numbers are as close as possible, it will push their respective voters to show up! The Democrats will show Trump with a slight lead, the Republicans will show Biden ahead by a small number. In fact they are polling tiny numbers of voters, several thousand at most, out of the millions that will be voting. And every polling organization has their own secret determination of how they go about collecting those numbers, all of them flawed.
Pay no attention to polls, get out there and vote like the future of a Constitutional government depends on it, because main stream media will never tell you that is what’s at stake in November.

Have you ever responded to a political poll?

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Barnie2years 8 May 10

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Hilary actually won the popular vote.
Darn Electoral College!
I will definitely vote blue in November

Unity Level 7 May 13, 2024

I do online polls for money. Now, that's a shining example of a non-random sample, and why I don't trust polls.


It's not the polling - it's the idiots who pay attention to them. IMHO
Maybe we should have mandatory voting. Every person eligible to vote must vote.
Way back when I registered to vote in WA State we had to declare a party so I did republican same as when I lived in NJ with my parents. That was back in the early 1970s. I moved around the Seattle area a lot but once I moved to the eastern part of the state political mail and phone calls really ramped up and became very annoying. I had stopped voting republican when Reagan ran, I knew from jump he was gonna be bad for America and it's labor force.
The one thing about getting the polling calls it was clear which bias I was dealing with so if it was a right leaning bias, as most were I would give responses that were not in favor of republicans. It reached a point it was just too annoying and I had my name removed from the republican party list in WA State. and just like that no more republican mailers or calls.

Exactly! The questions are crafted to elicit the response they want most of the time. The direct political polls are just fund raisers. And none of them are large enough samples for a real evaluation.

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