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Well are you for or against Israel?

The "for's" can be consciously open about it, neutral or similar imply couldn't care less. The against simply is openly against Israel's genocide & discrimination of Palestinians.

Caitlin Johnstone plainly lays the options out:-


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FrayedBear 9 Mar 3

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People don't hate Jews or Judaism, they hate Zionism. Jews hate Zionism. Israeli's are European colonialists, Israel given to Zionists by the UK government through Balfor Agreement, when the UK had no right to give. People lived there but in 1917, that did not matter for colonialist Brittan, still in India. Brown people.
Israeli's just have the same mindset; expand colony. You don't build "settlements" in your own country.

puff Level 8 Mar 3, 2024

When psychopathic behaviour like this is the fact it is evidence that they all come from the book of indoctrination: the Torah. Unless Zionists & israelis can be shown to be genetically different from the remainder of the Jewish people then they must all be treated like rabid dogs.
Those jews who profess not to support the Israeli Zionists are simply in denial, cowards trying to dissassociate from their genetics, equally psychotic or currently in remission but never to be trusted again.

@FrayedBear Can't agree with that. Many Jews happy to be a religiously, landless people. They consider themselves whatever country they are born in like the rest of us. And ideology has nothing to do with genetics.

@FrayedBear I am not pro Israel and very opposed to what they are doing in Gaza today. But that comment is just racism, and misinformed racism at that, since of all ethnic groups, Jewish is one of the most genetically diverse, with most Jews being the genetic descent of converts made long after the so called tribes of Israel were dispersed, though those probably never existed anyway.

There are no human races in meaningful terms, but the Jewish religion has, of all cultural groups, one of the least likelihoods to be one, Jewish and Zionist are cultural/religious/political labels and nothing more. And a Jew who denies Zionism, of which there are a lot, is not doing anything against any genetic heritage, not even a metaphorical one.

@Fernapple My understanding is Zionists are Jews who believed god promised them a homeland, that is the justification for all they do. "Because it says so in the "Goat herders guide to the galaxy". So pathetic it's laughable, except people die.
The story behind the Balfour Declaration is bizarre. One man signing on behalf of the UK without telling anyone, gave "Palestine" to Zionists, conveniently ignoring the people who lived there. But back in 1917, they were not real people to the British were they? Israeli's still think they are not real people. It was land the Poms, one man Balfour, had no right to give.

@puff Yes I know, it was one of the most shameful events in our history.

@Fernapple, @puff I have just posted a thread that in fact supports the proviso that I made in my original comment in this thread - that Israeli Ashkenazi do not belong in Palestine."So Ashkenazi Jew's maternal line is European not Middle East?"

@FrayedBear Israel is the last European colony.

@puff, @Fernapple does the emphasis on my commencing remark enable greater understanding of my remark? -
When psychopathic behaviour like this is the fact it is evidence that they all come from the book of indoctrination: the Torah.

@puff there is valid argument that Isle of Man, Channel Isles, Gibralter, Wales, Scotland and N.Ireland are still colonies.


Guess 😉

puff Level 8 Mar 3, 2024

I stand with Jews who suffered during WWII and therefore, support giving half of Germany to all Jews around the world.

Let them have a nation somewhere that others are not always trying to exterminate them.

Should have done that at the start, but suspect many Jews were more "Get me the fuck out of Germany" inclined.

@DenoPenno at the expense of exterminating others?

@DenoPenno lol. Show me one after they have now exposed their true nature to the rest of the world. Halley's Comet sounds suitable.

Simply reopening the equally reprehensible situation that resulted in the pogroms & 20th century genocide of the Holocaust.

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