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More is lost by indecision than wrong decision ...

Do you agree with this?

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snytiger6 9 May 9

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Most is lost by the laws of unforeseen consequences, and the rules of chaos. Making or not making decisions is of little importance, it is a delusion that we are in control. But if we are decisive and active, then more things will happen around us, they may not be good, but at least the ride will be lively.


When I’ve decided wrongly, I’m motivated and can correct my errors. When I’m indecisive I lack motivation and remain indecisive.


Think that would largely depend upon the situation at hand. All factors must be considered and weighed on evenly.


Indecision is better than knee jerk reactions at times. We have decision makers who wish to predetermine our future. I would rather they don't.
Those dickheads in Congress who wrote that threatening mafia like letter to the ICC. They made a decision without even knowing the full case, if there is even one against any Israeli's. Our current crop of decision makers decide according to a predetermined agenda rather than any reality.

puff Level 8 May 9, 2024

I propose scholarships for bright young people who are interested in politics!

@pamagain Then change the law so under 35's can be president and under 30's Senators. Great leaders throughout history did their thing before 35.

@puff That may be because for the longest time the average life expectancy was less than 35.

I like the idea of the people who run the U.S. having some life experiences before they make decisions that affect us all.

@snytiger6 Me, too! We need to live for a few decades before we can begin to imagine the complexity of human relations.

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