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Who plans to watch the Presidential Debate?

Can a debate between the current presidential candidates change your vote?

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Unity 7 May 18

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Won’t vote for Trump no matter what happens, but looking forward to the debates (but I think there’s a distinct possibility that Trump will chicken out) for the entertainment value…..


Not a chance in hell. Besides, they aren't debates so much as sound bite generators. Theater for the news media to hyperventilate over. I have never watched a debate, either in the primaries or election cycles. Nothing they say is anything new, and in the case of Trump, it's just a chance for him to exercise his bully instincts to try and get others to look bad. Total waste of time. At this point, anyone who is not committed to a candidat is living in a vacuum, the differences between the two candidates could not be more stark.

You're right. It really isn't a debate.


I usually watch the highlights. I don't care to watch two men who will be dead in a few years argue about the future.

Tejas Level 8 May 18, 2024

ANYBODY "could be dead in a few years", or oh, i dunno, tomorrow.......your ASSumptions and callousness are astounding , but not in a good way.
On the other hand I expect no less from either you or your golden-shod gawd DJT

@annewimsey500 they are both beyond life expectancy. It's more than reasonable to assume they will both be dead sooner than later. Of course anyone can die in a few years but most young people don't usually just pass from typical illness. I know you don't want to hear death is creeping on the elderly's door but once you hit 65 its really only a matter of time.


I was looking for a laughing emoji as a voting option.
There is no other option than a vote for Biden. I just wish there had been someone younger but our system does not really allow for that. A person gets 2 terms and if that person performs so badly during their first term the voters get to say not again. I sort of think if the Dems had chosen a dog (any breed) to run in 2020 trump still would have lost because he was that bad.

Trump lost because he totally mishandled Covid and the economy tanked, because of it. So he rightly got the blame and lost the election because of both factors..


If Biden can get a word in, he may tear baby donny to shreds. But when baby donny starts banging on his highchair,
no one can get a word in edgewise.

I read each candidate will have a time limit on their response and the mic will be turned off when their time is up.
Can't wait to see how that goes. hahahahahahaha

@silverotter11 I really wish they would do that with ALL debates!

@silverotter11 That will definitely hurt big mouth Donny the most. "Will you just shut up man!" I still have my hat with that on from the last time!

@silverotter11 Like that rule would ever be allowed, much less enforced..


Oh, there is no way any current Rethuglican candidate would get my vote. The GOP is so repulsive to me I will be voting by ticket. If someone is an earnest, honest, decent candidate and they are running with that party, I question how decent, etc they really are. This year I would vote for Satan himself rather than any GOP member.

I agree. The GOP is repulsive.
How do you suppose they became this extreme?

I feel the same, Satan could not possibly be any worse than tfg or the people who continue to support him.
Especially all those that knew how bad tfg was and said nothing but once out of his influence, got a book deal and hit the speaking circuit to make money off the whole thing!! Don't EVEN get me started on that group of slime balls.

I absolutely agree, if you can call yourself a Repug ipso facto there is something Seriously wrong with you, no need to look further!!!!

@Unity Seriously, follow the money. They are pro corporate interests, and anti common human beings. They have fallen so far from being the party of Lincoln. Abe must be spinning in his grave like a child's top at what the GOP has become today.

@Unity My theory is the men who did not loose everything in the 1929 Market crash and the subsequent Great Depression sat back and bided their time. Consolidating their resources and working on their lost power structure. By the 1960s they were starting to make their move to take over the republican party. Follow the money and the men in power and those in the background and it all leads up to trump or someone like trump.

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