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Most successful communist country ever??

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Best Communist country ever

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Tacobowl 2 Aug 18

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No such thing as a successful communist country!


I did a job for a cab driver who went to Cuba on vacation (we can do that in the UK). He fell asleep on a boat trip and got sunstroke. They took him to hospital and he was there for days. After the 3rd day, he started to suspect they were just keeping him there to inflate the bill. Day 5 and they finally let him go and gave him the bill... $20. He did not even bother to use his insurance.


What is a communist country?All of your examples are of totalitarian oligarchies. What is your definition of success? Try to be a little clearer when you post.



Your comment is a sad reflection of the state of political education in America.

@273kelvin You've gone to the trouble of insulting me but are too lazy or ignorant to set me straight. That speaks for itself.

What is Finlandization in Finland?
The term means "to become like Finland", referring to the influence of the Soviet Union on Finland's policies during the Cold War. Urho Kekkonen and Leonid Brežnev in 1960 during Kekkonen's state visit to the Soviet Union. The term is often considered pejorative.


"...The Finnish political cartoonist Kari Suomalainen once explained Finlandization as "the art of bowing to the East without mooning the West"."


@racocn8 Does Findland have private enterprise Y/N? If yes then it is not communist.


Herr Marx conceived of Communism as a FUTURISTIC society. Therefore, there have never been any "communist" countries.


Is this supposed to be the best or the most successful? Make up your mind.

Is there any such thing as a successful one?

@CourtJester No there isn’t but I’m sure a lot of people on the main forum think otherwise.


Why are we thinking about this?


Ummm, is there some reason you enjoy beating dead horses?

It's some clown who just signed up and wants to build his numbers quickly.


Cuba because our favorite presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said so.

Bernie has a lot in common with the communist.


Now when you say "best"......


define success. money? happy citizens? flavors of ice cream? most paranoid regime?

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