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This CNN article by Jeff Duncan says Ron DeSantis is to fall after Mike Pence. []

My guess is when Trump is close to nomination, he will nominate Mike Pompeo to be his VP - although Vivek Ramswamy is effectively "auditioning" for a running mate to Trump from Day 1.

This time Trump will select a super staunch loyalist after Pen experience.

Who do you think Trump will nominate as his running mate?

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St-Sinner 9 Nov 1

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Kari Lake, Lauren Bozette, or Marjory Taylor Moose Face.


Boebert for her "skills " demonstrated in that theater

She'd be handy for those late night "phone calls".


DeSantis and Donalds are both from Florida so that would cede FL's electoral vote if he selected them.

Excellent! That seems like something they'd overlook - like something as simple as whether or not to have a jury trial.

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