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SCOTUS gives Trump immunity for "official acts while president" while ignoring that theft and dissemination of classified materials and attempting to overthrow the government are not official acts... What should Biden do with his new powers?...

As you can probably tell I am feeling pretty charitable all things considered...

What should Biden do with his new powers? (Select any or all you think apply)

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Lizard_of_Ahaz 9 July 1

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Yeah. The Democrats would never do any of that. Always playing by the rules. The Republican thugs are street fighters, no holds barred. The road to fascism is paved by those with good intentions, but in toxic America only being a 'winner' counts and nothing else.

I've turned my attention away from IF American goes rogue authoritarian, to WHEN and what will follow, including for ally ( ass kissing) countries like my own.

I said here during the Trump years that the forces of white Christian fascism in America will not and would not stop until they achieve their goal. I was told that I didn't understand that when Presidents lose they drift off into obscurity. I told them they were fooling themselves and they failed to see the forces of American capitalism that have driven to this point.

I don't think there is anything Democrats can do, even if they found the nuts to try.

With the people running things there you aren't a whole lot better off...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz we don't have civil insurrection over elections. We understand preferential voting. We have an independent electoral commission to oversee elections without corruption. We don't think our Prime Minister or any one else is above the law. We don't allow our High Court to decide elections or take away people's rights. And we get what a multiparty political system means, and we don't allow rich assholes to control elections.

Just for starters.

You mean you don't have these problems YET.... When I predicted this back in 1972 the signs were there in my country but it wasn't visible openly yet. You are now where we were about 20 years ago.

@Lizard_of_Ahaz I agree the toxic spread of American economics, religion, culture and politics, food, business and entertainment is a problem through what they used to call American cultural imperialism. Perhaps with America unravelling there might be more resistance to it in the future. My own view of America now is greatly different than 25 years ago.

@David1955 My point being if you don't open your eyes to see what is actually there instead of what you want to see your country and many others will fall into the same trap. No government lasts forever they are constantly collapsing and being replaced. In the last 100 years Russia has changed forms twice from Monarchy to communism to corrupt fascism masquerading as a democracy and now that is collapsing and will change to something different.
There is a huge amount of pressure on them now both economic and political causing it to fail again and most people are blindly excepting the bullshit figures the Kremlin throws out as if they were real. Their birth rate is getting so low that they are now well below the replacement level and their economy is not diverse being based almost completely on oil and gas while most of their customers are no longer buying from them or no longer buying enough to keep them afloat. They have been suffering from brain drain for the last 30 years because when people are educated why work for barely enough to survive when you can move to the West and make a real living?....
Now they are in the middle of a completely unnecessary war of their own making which is absorbing 40% of their GDP and they still can't find more than 80% of the people they need to work in the factories that are supplying the needs of their Army. Tell me how long they can maintain that before the collapse comes.


Then again, China and Russia are not in decline, the west is in decline. . How come the BRICS surpassed the G7 in economics And with new members is 50% of the worlds population. And 50 other countries lining up to join the BRICS.

Who is lining up for the collapse of the fiat and petrol dollars. I call the never ending story of nothingness. Who is lining up for the America industrial production. US is a fearing paper tiger, that most of the world don't fear any more.

@Castlepaloma Why are you ALWAYS talking about things you have zero knowledge of?...


Be a safety slave to the nothingness, as far as I care. You don't have factual answers to the wealthy club that you don't belong to anyway..


This is definitely a defining moment for the Biden administration.
Biden now yields the power to squash MAGA.
The Supreme Court knew exactly what they were doing. They didn't want to be the ones releasing the blade of the guillotine. The power is now in hands of Biden.

Unity Level 7 July 1, 2024

He may as well go full banana republic, while he still can. The SC is basically daring Biden to play a game of chicken with Trump, as they are expecting Trump to win in Nov., and then use all those powers, because they know full well that Trump will do exactly that, while they assume Biden is too honorable and gutless to do the same, while he is still in office. And they are almost certainly right about that. It really is a hopeless dilemma and situation, as even if Biden is replaced, I see it as a toss up, as far as whether Trump would win over a decent replacement for Biden. In 2016, I have no doubt that Bernie or any other decent Dem candidate, would have beaten Trump, but now, with how the Dem Party has gaslighted the American public about Biden's dementia and betrayed their trust for so long, I don't blame them for being so angry at the party, that they might stay home or vote for Trump, simply out of spite for having been played by them. Why should they trust the Dems anymore, even if they replace Biden? I think too many people underestimate the power of basic emotions, like anger and betrayal, being more powerful than moralistic fearful appeals to "save our democracy", and campaigns that simply say, " he's worse than Biden", "we're not Trump" etc..... You can't beat something with nothing, and after the debate, the Dems have nothing, as well as a complete loss of trust with the least the ones who aren't MAGA or deluded Dem Party loyalists, which are not nearly enough to win the election with..

@TomMcGiverin For the sake of democracy Biden better grow a pair

@Unity I agree, but I have no hope of that, and I feel it's already too late for him, needs to step aside, or a Trump win is certain, and still very possible, even if they replace Biden with someone credible, and by that, I'm not talking Harris, Hillary, or MIchelle Obama. Too much baggage with all of them to be able to win. Biden is too out of it to change, and he never had any real guts or integrity, when it came to putting the country or the masses ahead of his rich corporate donors. That's exactly the problem, that any Dems, or independents like Bernie, who caucus with the Dems, and actually have a pair, end up being marginalized or run out of the party, because they offend the party's corporate donors, even if they excite and turn out the party's base and voters. It's all about the party favoring the donors completely over the voters. And they aren't even willing to be honest about that, much less things like Biden being demented and senile..

@TomMcGiverin Better to change his Vice President to someone more vocal and younger than he is.They can use this to counter the age thing being used against Biden. Someone noted for being strongly progressive who has a excellent presence and the ability to project confidence in himself. It also has to be someone willing to fight back and give no quarter...

Stop falling for the "senile and demented" crap the GQP is shoving down your throat and tell me how able you would have been in that debate if you had a summer cold at your age? And how about the exhaustion from running all over the world fixing the foreign relations Trump fucked up since he took office and continues to do while out of office. Don't even get me started on trying to fix the mess he made of our government...


All Of The Above!!!!!


My biggest fear is that Joe Biden is too decent a guy (or too weak) to do any of these things. America has been taken by surprise. Now we have 6 months to take these treasonous bastards by surprise. The Democrats have to turn up the aggression to level 10 and wipe this cancer out while we still have a chance. If I could have voted for all these options, I would have.

You can vote for all....


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